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Delhi/Haridwar: Delhi to Haridwar 225km 2*2 bus arriving, night stay here

Masuri: In Haridwar to Dehradun after that masuri local sightseeing company garden, camel back road, rope-way (by walking) night staying.

Syanachatti/Ranachatti: from Masuri 122 km by bus Kamptee fall, Yamuna Bridge, Barkot to Syanachatti/Ranachatti arriving, night stay

Syanachatti/Ranachatti : Yamunotri height 3185 m Syanachatti to Hanumanchhati 7 km  By your own expenses you can take horse riding/Doli/waking, janchatti, Fulchatti to Yamunotri 7 km here hot water in the cistern put in cloth rice  after 10min your wish we will be fulfill. That parshad has taken at home here is a temple doing a puja of devinestatue. Behind there is a warm water of jamunabhai cistern to take a bath after that we take a darshan of yamunaji darshan  by completing the ceremony  arriving of Syanachatti/Ranachatti night stay

Uttarkashi : Syanachatti 100 km by bus arrival darasu to uttarkashi arrival. Kasi Vishvanathis a well known temple, night stay 

Uttarkashi: Gangotri Height 3048m : Uttarkasi to 40km Distance Gangotri - Ganganani in the warm water springs of joy, Lanka - Bhangarwaghtyi Gangotri 100 km bus arrival the holy Gangaji bath, the temple of Gangotri (From here 18 km by walking we can go Bhojwasa to Gaumukh extra 2 days increase) we will stay at night Uttarkashi.

Guptakashi: At morning Uttarkashi departing to tihari, Shrinagar,Rudraprayag to Guputkashi Arrival at 250km night staying for Kadarnath departure.

Kadarnath: Kadarnath feet 3584 m: Gaurikund to Rambara, Garud Chatti Kedarnath 14 km Horse riding/dooly (by their won expenses) or by walking. one of the twelve Jyothilign. There is a small pillared hall in front of the temple that has images of Parvathi and of the five Pandava princes.

Guptakashi: Kadarnath Darshan ends. Guptakashi  night staying.

Badrinath: Badrinath feet 3596m Rudra Prayag to Pipalkoti Joshimath to Badrinath arrival. Cradled in the twin Mountain ranges of Nar and Narayan is the holiest of the four main shrines – Badrinath along the left bank of river Alaknanda with the towering Neelkantha Peaks as the splendid backdrop. Once the spot was carpeted with ‘Badris’ or wild berries and hence was famous as Badri van. Legend has it, when the Ganga was requested to descend to earth to help suffering humanity; the earth was unable to withstand the force of its descent. Therefore the mighty Ganga was split into 12 holy channels. Alaknanda was one of them that later became the abode of Lord Vishnu or Badrinath.

Rudraprayag: Badrinath to jyothishmad from here to world famous rope-way with Auli(by own expenses)coming back, Joshimath to Pipalkoti Rudraprayag 225km. by bus departure.

Haridwar: Rudraprayag to Shrinagar, Devpayag, Alaknanda and Bagirthi Holy River meet Darshan after that Rishikesh Lakshman Jhula, Lakshman temple and other temple (by walking). Welcoming to Haridwar. Night  staying on Haridwar.

Delhi: By bus Haridwar to Delhi arrival 200 km. End of tour

Economy Tour Services: During the Trip we have to stay at Haridwar, Passenger should expense their own money for it. Accept Haridwar in every place Passenger should be given between four people one rooms. In Masuri night stay not available. During trip morning tea and coffee and breakfast in afternoon tea-coffee lunch and dinner food should be provided (NON AC BUS)  

Regular Tour Services: Every place in the trip between 4 person/per family room has been given. In Masuri night stay not available. Haridwar AC hotel is available.  During trip morning tea and coffee and breakfast in afternoon tea-coffee lunch and dinner food should be provided (NON AC BUS) (double bed room 1 person rs 2000 or more than that)

Delux tour Services: During the Trip accepted Kadarnath each and every place between two person room is given. During trip morning tea and coffee and breakfast in afternoon tea-coffee lunch and dinner food should be provided. All trip everyday 3 ltr mineral water, hot water and Coolie labors all facility are given to passenger by company

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